Gender*nauts – EN

Youth group open to all trans, intersex and/or non-binary people
Under normal circumstances: Every first and third Tuesday in the month, from 7pm.

+++Due to Covid-19 restrictions: Meetings will take place on Discord audio chat until further notice. To join the chat, please contact us by email.+++

Hello folks!
We are the Gender*nauts, the ihs’s trans-inter -galactic youth group!
The group was founded in July 2018, so we are a fairly recent addition to the ihs. Before this, there was nothing in Stuttgart specifically for young trans, intersex and genderqueer people, so we decided to fix the problem by creating this group.

We meet regularly on every first and third Tuesday in the month from 7pm in the Weissenburg café, where we can sit comfortably together, share our experiences and make new friends.

The group is a safe space for anyone who does not identify, or does not exclusively identify, with their sex as assigned at birth. It is also a place where we can help one another with any problems, whether at school, university, work or in the family, and support each other on our trans journeys – but without the awkward feel of a self-help group!

Your group representatives Mik, Niels and Charles, and all the Gender*nauts group members, are always happy to see new faces – so come along to one of our next meetings!

Upcoming meeting dates are here

Meetings take place from 7pm in the Weissenburg café

The group is a joint project with the Weissenburg LGBTQIA+ community centre.

Contact the group:


Weißenburgstraße 28a
70180 Stuttgart
Tram stop: Österreichischer Platz (U1, U14, Bus 44, Bus 92) or Bopser (U5, U6, U7, U12)
Bus stop: Falbenhennenstrasse (Bus 43)

Accessibility: The Weissenburg café is step-free, but unfortunately does not have an accessible toilet.