Legenderies – EN

Community group open to all trans, intersex and/or non-binary people aged 21 or over
Every second Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

Welcome to the Legenderies!

Life often works out differently from what you expected. We are assigned a sex at birth, usually ‘male’ or ‘female’. But if we could decide this for ourselves, might things be different? Sometimes the label we have been given doesn’t seem to fit: it may feel too restrictive, uncomfortable, or just plain wrong.

When you’re already an adult and have lived your life thus far as a gender-conforming person, it can be difficult to find places to belong and people who can relate to this feeling and the challenges that come with it.

We, the Legenderies, are very familiar with this feeling, and we try to understand it as a positive force that inspires us to create a space away from everyday pressures, where gender diversity can be lived and enjoyed to the full without fear of prejudice. In our group, which is part of the ihs, you will find a safe haven that is open to anyone who is looking for somewhere to belong.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male, female, both, or neither, or whether this matches your sex assigned at birth – we invite you to join us in creating a space for kindred spirits!

The Legenderies group is a new addition to the ihs, and is open to adults aged 21 or over.

Our group provides a space within society where things aren’t just black or white, pink or blue, but all colours of the glorious gender spectrum; a space where we can all simply be ourselves, regardless of whether we are trans, intersex, non-binary and/or genderqueer. We also want to provide an opportunity to get to know new people in a relaxed setting without the awkward feel of a self-help group, and to support one another with the challenges of everyday life.

We meet on every second Friday in the month from 7.30pm in the Weissenburg café.

If you have any questions, get in touch with Mel-Eliah and Michael. You can reach us easily and quickly at: genderbenders@ihs-ev.de

Looking forward to meeting you!


Weißenburgstraße 28a
70180 Stuttgart

Tram stop: Österreichischer Platz (U1, U14, Bus 44, Bus 92) or Bopser (U5, U6, U7, U12)

Bus stop: Falbenhennenstrasse (Bus 43)

Accessibility: The Weissenburg café is step-free and has an accessible toilet. For an accessible parking spot, please contact Weissenburg e.V. in advance.